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by Neil J Hart
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Ali Khan, Surrey Advertister - Book Club
Set in Swansea, Spritz is a story about Bob Flint, a perennial failure and alcoholic. The Welsh equivalent of a Homer Simpson, Bob is a man of limited intelligence, yet a comical and intriguing presence. However Bob is a man with a dream, a dream of owning his own bar, Bob's Bar. The problem is Bob is stuck between a rock and hard place. Perpetually in an inebriated state, can Bob keep himself together?. Managing to set up his bar on the premise he’ll be able to repay the money when his wife passes away, Bob loans the money from local gangsters, the Bentley’s. The only way he can pay the Bentley’s is for his wife’s will to provide him the funds. With his wife in a coma, until her passing away Bob has no way to repay the Bentley’s.
On top of this Bob has to deal with the Police, his wife’s lawyers and a handful of individuals his antics have affected.
A dark premise for a story, yet told with startling wit and excitement. The incredibily humorous dialogue mean’s you’ll chuckle until your pancreas ruptures. The characters are genius, all of us can relate to a character or two from Spritz.
Pages literally jump out and I found myself visualising the scenes, completely immersed in my new surroundings.
I eagerly anticipate more from Neil and in the meantime will be recommending this book to others.
* * * * *

Reviewer: Gavin Finney, The Farnham Herald
A product clearly of the whole spectrum of popular culture... Spritz is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys outlandish, quintessentially British humour, and also extraordinary events populated by recognisable everyday characters."

Reviewer: Jenny McConnell, Presenter 96.4FM Eagle
"Spritz, the impressive debut novel from Neil J Hart, introduces us to some of South Wales’ biggest misfits, whose lives become intertwined by a series of whirlwind events. These dramas earn the book definite 'page turner' status, but the real key to Spritz is Hart’s ability to hit all the right emotional notes, making the reader care about a fairly unattractive cast of characters. A spectacular climax completes this journey through the timeless themes of hope, despair and sometimes even love."

Reviewer: Julian Wilson

I haven't laughed so hard at a book in years, Spritz combines the surreal and reality in seamless fashion telling the stories of several lives that become irreparably intertwined. The book rattles along at a cracking pace and as with most good books is hard to put down, a very entertaining read indeed and the funniest book I have read in a long while, congratulations to the author Neil Hart in telling a story in a manner that keeps you guessing until the end!
* * * * *

A book and writer to treasure
Reviewer: J. Little "Dr. No"
Highly imaginative, and very much of our time, here is a book to delight with its wit and startling humour - which sometimes speaks of darker things. Great characterisation, too, revealed within charmingly fantastic episodes, which include some touching quirks of fate. It couldn't remotely reflect reality on any level - or could it?
* * * * *

Compelling comedy - a cocktail of pathos and humour, 29th Aug 2007
Reviewer: Janine Pulford, Author of 'Aggracore'
"This is the funniest book I have read in a long while. Neil has a way of making even the blackest of scenes spring off the pages and I almost needed medical assistance after reading the granny and the kebab scene. The short chapters tangle the characters together in a perfect knot drawn together by the alcoholic, Bob Flint. Spritz offers a cocktail of pathos and humour that keeps you guessing to the end. I look forward to Neil's next novel."
* * * * *

Delicious Spritz!, 5 Jun 2007
Reviewer: Joy Gelardi

Spritz is an accomplished debut novel rich in great charactersations. The beautifully drawn cast are especially effective because the dialogue is so convincingly realistic, even though they are in the midst of a compelling, yet crazy, plot line.
The pull of the story is irresistible, very dark and sometimes shocking - and yet wildly comical - I held my breath many times and laughed out loud regularly! (Probably good for yoga practise, I would imagine....)
I recommend this novel to anyone seeking something different, dark and very very funny.
I hope the author writes more about his main characters - I for one will cheer if he does.
* * * * *

Bubbly!, 18 Mar 2007
Reviewer: Linda Simpson

Brilliantly funny dialogue, well observed characters and an intriguing storyline makes this a great read. I particularly like the author's writing style and hope there will be more adventures of Bob Flint on the way!
* * * * *

Wow! Seriously good!, 23 Feb 2007
Reviewer: M. A. Connell

Spritz by Neil J Hart is by far the funniest book I have read in ages, one of those books that are so absorbing and difficult to put down. Spritz has a most ingenious plot and in parts it is blackly shocking and certainly full of unexpected twists. Set in Swansea it is full of characters who are so cringingly real that they feel like people you might know - or in some cases people you do not want to know! Spritz is a seriously good and very well thought out novel which will amuse - I hope this is the first of a series about Bob Flint and Co. I will be watching out for more Neil J Hart with great anticipation.
* * * * *

Refreshing!, 23 Feb 2007
Reviewer: Ms. Kirstie Heneghan "indigika"

This is a wonderfully refreshing novel (pardon the pun!). It puts a very accessibly comical, postmodern spin on the antics of common daily living. And is a very mature approach to the problems that alcoholism can cause, while still giving the charachter and his journey appeal to all. Whether they recognise a similarity or familiarity with alcoholics or not. It is about life. A great lesson can be learned from the recognition that alcoholics need something to have faith in. I love this book and am looking forward to the next publication by this author.
* * * * *

Down The Hatch!, 23 Feb 2007
Reviewer: Nick Williams

A friend of mine recommended Spritz to me and I'm glad they did. I never normally read books by unknown authors but Neil J Hart's Spritz was a great read. Fast-paced, funny, morose and witty. The story of Bob Flint's desire to achieve his lifelong dreams and continually drink himself blind is a tragic comedy that has something for everybody.
The book is set around places we all know and characters we can all identify with. The topsy-turvy, and occasionally surreal / supernatural, events that occur mix the world we know with elements of the fantastic. It's essentially a sad tale but one that holds the promise of hope.
* * * * *

A Tour de Force of a Novel!, 22 Feb 2007
Reviewer: Mr. M. D. Kennedy

Although Bob Flint is the main focus of this novel, it is all the other characters and the intertwining of their lives that make this an unmissable read. Equal parts comedy and heartbreak, Neil J Hart ensures that we can see a bit of ourselves, or those we know, in his fantastic observations of people's characteristics and idiosyncricities. This is what allows the reader to relate to the plights of the cast of Spritz. You just want to keep reading just to see where it'll all go, and you won't be disappointed! If you buy one book this year, make it Spritz!
* * * * *

I loved this book!, 21 Feb 2007
Reviewer: Julia Leggett

I was introduced to Spritz by a friend who for some reason thought I would take comfort in reading about others' misfortunes! Bob Flint is a sorry character and at first pretty charmless but as the story unfolds he is ultimately a romantic hero. Neil J Hart glides effortlessly through the twists and turns of this hapless chap's life with humour and senstivitity. There are laugh out loud moments mixed with heartbreak which leaves you feeling emotionally satisfied. I recommend this book to anyone.
* * * * *

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