by Neil J Hart
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Spritz is a black comedy crime thriller set against the backdrop of rainy Swansea that follows the life and times of professional alcoholic Bob Flint. The novel parodies famous film and tv archetypes, scenes and dialogue which transports the reader from the humdrum existence of it's central characters.

"I wanted to apply the ridiculous nature of Soap Opera's, Hollywood Blockbusters and character cliches into a very bland and dismal existence. In Wales. In pubs. In Launderettes. In Hospitals. In the heads of the idiotic dreamers. What occurs is a world divorced from reality yet somehow reassuring and hopeful. It melds together our true existence and that which we watch on the TV or view in the cinema. It's a world somewhere between the TV and the sofa. Floating. Confused."
Neil J Hart

Blurb for Spritz
Bob Flint is a man with a dream. A dream of running his own bar: ‘Bob’s Bar’.

The only trouble is, since he married Maggie Flint he hasn’t had any money, drive or ambition. So, after an horrendous accident with a whisky bottle, Maggie goes into a coma and Bob discovers her secret life insurance policy just waiting to be collected. With money from local Loan Sharks ‘The Bentleys’ borrowed against his imminent windfall, he sets to work making his dream a reality in an old Launderette.

Things would have been great if it wasn’t for his outstanding drinking problem, lack of good business sense, haunting visits from his comatosed wife and police investigations into thesuspicious circumstances of her accident.

To make matters worse ‘The Bentleys’ are demanding their money back and Maggie simply won’t die. In fact, the doctors say she could make a miracle recovery.

Bob Flint is a man with another dream. A dream of making it out of this one alive.

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